3 Conversations a Husband Should Lead Every Week

Husbands are the catalyst for growth and change in their marriage.  A wife will take that role if needed; but, the relationship is best led when a man acts with vision, resilience and humility.  

However, as Rory Vaden says, “Success is rented, not owned; and the rent is due everyday.”  That means success in marriage needs a husband to work on it daily, weekly and annually.  Coasting is not an option for longterm health.

These three key conversations should be enacted every week to keep crucial areas catalyzed and  progressing, and avoid deterioration.  A husband can initiate these talks with his wife by simple questions, active listening and directional leadership.  Note: love and unity must drive the tone and outcome, not selfish agendas.

Finances. One spouse might be the bookkeeper, but both must be engaged in the financial outlook of the home.  Key question to lead on: Are we staying on budget and meeting our financial goals this week?  

Calendar: Life’s urgencies will try to control your time, but you must take command instead.  Key question: What activities in the coming week do we need to say yes, no or later to, so we can stay productive, connected and stabilized as a family? 

Sex. Weekly sexual intimacy is the barometer to emotional and spiritual connectivity.  If this area is lacking or unsatisfying to either spouse, it’s a sign that the marriage might have deeper issues, so don’t leave this activity to the muses.  Instead, be intentional and talk about it once a week.  Key questions: Are you satisfied with our sex life this week? Why or why not? When are we going to make time to be intimate?

There are plenty of other things for a husband to discuss weekly, but finances, schedule and sex seem to be the ones we react to instead of plan, so automate them to stay moving forward.

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